Make your own Espadrilles with The Makery

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Make your own Espadrilles with The Makery

On Thursday 13th August, Katrina Wight, our Company Director had the honour of assisting Suzie Kemner of Suzie London to run the ‘Make your own Espadrilles’ workshop with The Makery at John Lewis on Oxford Street. The Makery, a company based in Bath, who have been leading all sorts of fabulous, creative workshops since 2009, have only recently spread their wings to the centre of London and are indeed proving popular! The espadrilles workshop has been getting booked up very quickly and it was such a great opportunity for Katrina not only to learn a new skill but to have the pleasure of sharing it with others :)

The beauty of this workshop is that after your 3 hours are up, you get to go away with one completed shoe and are provided with the skills and materials to continue making the second one at home! The course allows a maximum capacity of 8 people and is a popular choice for hen parties or any other party for that matter – if you can get in there quick enough to book everyone on! To top it off Suzie does an excellent job of running the class and provides very clear instruction in a very personable way.

The response from those who attended was so positive and if you are interested in doing a workshop yourself, a list of dates can be found here. Why not also check out The Makery website for their other workshops, which are equally as fun and exciting?! If you go with your mates you’ll have even more of a blast and to get to choose your own fabric – in this case our ‘Prism’ design, (which also features on our Handmade Silk Ties) – makes it all the more rewarding.

It is also worth noting that Suzie, also sells her Handmade Espadrilles amongst many other beautiful products under her Suzie London label and we think they’re fab!

Please feel free to post your experience on this blog if you have attended any of these workshops and would like to share it. We at The Kat & Monocle would certainly like to get involved in more of them too :)


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