New Silk Ties for 2016!

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New Silk Ties for 2016!

Happy new year folks! I hope yours has started with a bang and that you’re all refreshed for the year ahead :) Here at the Kat & Monocle, we are delighted to officially launch our new collection of Silk Ties! You’ll remember from our previous post that the first of our designs was the Prism Silk Tie, but we can now tell you that our range has grown by an extra three designs, each of equal style and beauty :) We’d completed all four designs in time for the Christmas rush, so they’re all now available to buy on a made to order basis, and are ready and raring to go for 2016!

Reg-Prism-Fig-Ties-in-a-Row Thumbnail Regency-Tie-Close-Up-Tnumbnail

All our ties are made from Satin Silk Twill, which is printed digitally in the UK and has a luxuriously soft feel. Our creative director, Kat makes them by hand and it is for environmental purposes that she has chosen to make them on a supply and demand basis. Our Regency design, (in the above right image), was the second of our designs to come to light. We feel it has just the right balance of being conventional with an added, eccentric twist, making it equally appropriate for work or play! The slightly more flamboyant Figaro design, (to the right of the above left image), was the third in line and also features below in our branded, card mount. Kat also designs and makes the packaging, and I’m sure you’ll agree that it provides the ideal finishing touch as an all-round gift-able item for that sophisticated, dashing gent ;)


Each tie is lined with a lovely ‘denim-look’ chambray, (as the below right image demonstrates), and is finished with one of our woven Kat & Monocle labels, enabling the  narrower end of the tie to be fed through when worn. The below images show two of our ties, midway through the making process, which can take up to 6 hours but is worth every minute in order to get the finish and pattern placement just right!

Tie-Lay-Plan-Thumbnail Ties-in-the-Making-Thumbnail

Our fourth design – and by no means final – is the Quentin (spot) design, which we think has a quirky, and perhaps more youthful feel, which could be a great match for the fashion-lead dandy, or a stylish accessory for a wedding suit. You may recognise all of these patterns as they also feature on the reverse of our Handmade Greetings Cards (and have all been inspired by the patterns within business envelopes). We thought it was a waste that they were only used in this way so we felt that they deserved more credit, hence their application to our ties.

Quentin-Tie-Rolled-Thumbnail Quentin-Tie-Flat-Close-Up-Thumbnail

Looking at the year ahead, we are hoping to channel our prints and illustrations towards a more bespoke service. With weddings in mind, (and as we already provide custom-made invitations), we are hoping to offer Groomsmen’s Ties, by designing prints, specifically tailored to our customers’ themes. We would then hand-make each of the ties to order, with the added potential of having a pocket square to match :) If you would like to make any enquiries into this service, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form and we will of course welcome any suggestions you wish to post on our blog.

Should you wish to purchase any of our ties, you may do so here, and any further information regarding each item is provided, should you need it. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and as mentioned earlier, do feel free to post any comments or suggestions on any of our features. 

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