Katrina Wight from The Kat & Monocle

The Kat & Monocle is an independent business, based in London, UK, providing hand drawn design concepts for Fashion, Home and Giftware.

It was set up by Katrina Wight, a textile designer from the North of England, with the aim of offering ‘fine, honest goods, that make people smile’. Having worked for a number of large High Street retailers, Katrina decided to break away towards the end of 2012 and set up her own business to achieve the above goals and produce something ‘different from the norm’.

As a vet’s daughter she grew up surrounded by cats and dogs, which have always been an integral part of her life. This has inspired her to create intricate, pencil drawings, of pets, which she puts into character with tops hats, monocles and all sorts of ‘articles’ like these, hence her business name, ‘The Kat & Monocle’. Her illustrations are bursting with humour and eccentricity and it is the attention to detail, which makes them so captivating.

Having previously designed surface pattern for all sorts of goods, particularly tableware and wallpaper, Katrina continues to let these products influence her work. She loves to create repeat pattern, which often features on the reverse of her greetings cards, and has built a range of dessert plates and mugs, each printed with her beautiful illustrations. She also has a range of t-shirts, and gentlemen’s silk ties and and is aiming to expand her ranges further.

Katrina is a sole trader and designs all of the prints on her products from scratch. She hand-makes some of her greetings cards and ties but the rest of her goods are printed in the UK, in small quantities, by well respected manufacturers who support small businesses and use environmentally sustainable methods. Katrina also ensures that her product materials are environmentally sustainable, (such as fine bone china, 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled card).

Katrina decided to launch the Kat & Monocle’s shop on Etsy, as she felt it would attract the right audience to her work and the type of customer who appreciates the values of her goods and her business.

She also offers freelance or commissioned work, such as wedding invitations and pet portraits and has worked with clients such as the US wallpaper company, Studio Printworks and Hackney Council, London, UK. Some of her greetings cards featured in Elle Decoration’s ‘Name to Watch’ article in October 2013 and she is continually spreading the word of her brand.

Please watch this space as she continues to develop further designs, illustrations and prints. Hopefully you will enjoy what you see, or at the very least, be greatly entertained ;)